Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator Game Play Online

Roblox is full of wonders and you know it better than anyone if you are one of its devoted users! There are so many news games that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. In case you skipped this one, note this name – Bubble Gum Simulator! Incredibly simple and incredibly exciting, it will give you a few minutes of fun time as you blow giant bubbles and use them as balloons to float across the sky! Ready for your first flight? Then let’s go!

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How strong are your lungs?

So, you launched the simulator and are offered your first chewing gum. What are you gonna do with it? Just blow into your microphone and you’ll see the colorful lump on your screen increase in size! Inflate your bubble until your fill the entire bag. After than you can take it to the store and sell it to get some coins. The money can be spend on many things, including new flavors and bag extension. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to quickly get as much gold as possible or enjoy the entire palette of virtual tastes and colors available!

Fly your bubble into the sky!

But there is an even more exciting thing you can do with your bubble. Of course, it should be large enough otherwise it just won’t work. Hop up and push off the ground – the bubble will take you into the sky! The bigger it is the higher you will fly. Don’t worry, you wan’t fall and crash. The bubble will safely transport you to a new level where you will be able to stuff your pockets with countless treasures! Gather candies, coins and diamonds to exchange them for valuable bonuses. As you progress to more distant areas, you’ll find gems that are rarer and therefore costlier!

There are five exciting locations waiting for you up high. They are called islands. However, getting to them will be more and more difficult. The clouds will be placed at ever wider intervals and platforming up them will be ever tougher. But don’t give up, the rewards hidden above are worth the effort! Each islands hosts its unique treasures that can’t be found on any other location. Once you reach the island, you won’t be able to go through all the tiring process of jumping from one cloud to another anymore – they will be accessible through portals that will take you there in an instant. Chests and other bonuses on islands respawn regularly, but if you don’t want to wait, you can spend a few Robux for it to happen faster.

Hatch a pet to help you!

And yet another type of items that will help you tremendously in Bubble Gum Simulator – pet eggs! They can be found on islands or bought in the shop. As you can imply, these eggs are used to hatch pets giving you various perks and abilities. It’s never too late to increase your stats! The range of pets goes from home favorites to fairytale creatures like dragons and angels. You can have several pets at once, there are enough slots in your inventory. The main thing is to use them rationally!

As easy as it seems at first glance, Bubble Gum Simulator on Roblox is a thrilling and addicting game with plenty of opportunities, from everyday missions to multiplayer contests. Collect the entire collection of gums, choose the yummiest taste, blow the biggest bubble and get higher than anyone has gone before!