Roblox Baldi’s Basics

Roblox is a platform where you can find a wide array of games, including those you already played. So if you wanna find out how creepy old Baldi looks as a chunk of square pixels, you’re in the right place! In case you haven’t played Baldi yet, this is a horror, but very unusual. Here you will have to perform tasks in different school subjects, but at the same time you will be pursued by an enraged teacher. Sounds weird? Thats exactly what it is!

The game is quite atmospheric and keeps you involved in the spooky events happening in the school from the first minutes. There is a variety of tasks to solve and many characters, each with their own behavior. What makes the game even more unsettling is the lack of story. Yes, we run away from the cheated teacher, solving different subjects, but why is he so mad? What is wrong with our school? The most significant advantage is the characters. They are extremely original and create an impression that you’re actually in the school. For instance, the hooligan is a very nasty type. He plots all sorts of intrigues against you and prevents you from passing through the hall. Luckily, you can easily cope with him by offering him a candy. The director is another person you should avoid. If he catches you walking around the school in the class time, he will close all the doors not letting you out. And even innocent-looking girls jumping the rope pose a certain dangers – they will plead you to join them and if you are unable to resist, make sure Baldi will find and grab you by the sleeve of your uniform!

Overall, Baldi’s Basics in Roblox very original, unusual and innovative. This is a perfect game for people who want to just have fun and enjoy a crazy atmosphere. And of course, for those who have a Roblox account! Solve all the equations correctly, gather seven notebooks scattered throughout the campus and get home safely without being caught by Baldi who is waiting for you to make a mistake! Don’t let him get to you, otherwise the screen will go black and you’ll have to start the school day all over again!

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