Pet Simulator

We all love pets and have one or even a few of them in our home. They make our life funnier and brighter and are always by our side when we need some company. And there is nothing like playing with your pet or cuddling with it in front of a TV! However, in this game pets aren’t only our friends, they also bring us profit. Wanna find out more? Play Roblox Pet Simulator online and see how you can cash in with the help of your cat or dog! At the beginning, you have to select a pet – either a cat or a dog. The choice is up to you and doesn’t influence the gameplay. Then you can pick a name for your furry buddy and you’re good to go! The game will take you to a picturesque town location with plenty of coins lying everywhere on the ground. It’s unknown how so much money got here and who scattered it. And it doesn’t really matter. The main thing is that you can collect it and add all these coins to your budget! You won’t even have to do it yourself, it’s enough to send your pet and it will gather the money for you.

Just click the coins and your dog or cat will begin to pick them up. Watch out for a white ring that has a dot inside – clicking it you will make the pet collect the money faster. And if you click it several times, you will hit a combo. However, you will also have to keep it up or the level will restart. If you are capable to hold the rhythm, in addition to increasing the speed, your pet will also get extra bonuses for each coin it collects.

After gathering a sufficient number of coins, you will be able to spend them in the shop. What can you buy for them? Of course, one more pet egg! And it’s not just because you love animals so much. The more pets you have the more coins you can collect at a time. The maximum number of pets is three, but there is also a special pass allowing you to equip a total of seven pets. All the pets will be picking up the coins simultaneously! So, let’s start?

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