Mining Simulator 2019

The job of miners can’t be called simple and you’ll get a chance to make sure of that in Roblox Mining Simulator! Take a pickaxe, crowbar, hammer and other things that you can carry, and get down under the ground. There you will be obtaining blocks of precious stones and other valuable materials. One strike of the tool will bring you one block or even more, and the more powerful and advanced the instrument you’re wielding is the more blocks you can get. That means it’s in your best interest to start out mighty and progress fast so that you can proceed to mining several blocks at a time. At first, work for sure will not cause you any immense difficulties, but wait a minute to imagine yourself a great miner, because there are many more stages, levels and locations waiting for you ahead! You will have plenty of time to get tired and make sure that this is hellish work not everyone is capable of. But if you apply some effort and show a bit of persistence, you’ll be lavishly rewarded! The stones you mine can be sold for a certain amount of gold that you can spend to level up. Work hard, sway your pickaxe with full strength, upgrade your tool and mine even rarer and more expensive resources! Others are in the competition too, so don’t waste a single minute!

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