Do you like chewing gums and blowing bubbles? Then you’ll be thrilled to play Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator! This awesome game challenges you to do one simple thing – blow the biggest bubble you can. So take in as much air as possible, literally, and blow into your microphone! You’ll see the bubble on your smartphone screen grow! It will increase in size until you’ll be able to fly up into the sky and see what’s there. Get your feet off the ground and set out for a fascinating flight! You’ll discover plenty of amazing locations full of treasures to collect. Maneuver on your bubble and pick up coins, diamonds and other useful stuff. After that, you can sell your bubble and buy updates like different flavors, shapes and even combos that will send your score skyhigh, literally and figuratively speaking! How about inflating several bubbles at once? Just imagine how much money they will bring you! Chewing and blowing the virtual bubble gum is easy and fun. Try it and you won’t get back to real gums anymore!

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