Bubble Gum Simulator

We all hear how bad chewing gums are for our health. Whether you believe it or not, now you can forget about the risks playing Bubble Gum Simulator on Roblox instead of chewing the gum in your mouth! Here all you have to do is to blow bubbles, as big as possible. This will not only bring you tons of pleasure, but also make you a rich person! Because the larger bubbles you inflate the more coins you will get.

You will begin with a basic gum. Just blow into the microphone of your phone and see how it swells on the screen! When the bubble is ready, you can sell it in the store. The money you earn can be spend on buying new types of bubbles with different flavors. Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy them, but the bright colors of the bubbles you blow up will easily make you imagine that you’re chewing a refreshing mint gum or a sweet berry gum reminding you of summer. There are also bonuses allowing you to inflate multiple bubbles simultaneously which is quite helpful if you won’t to cash in fast!

Once you blow up a bubble that is large enough, you can hop up and find yourself on a location with plenty of coins just lying here and there. Collect them to increase your budget. Higher in the sky, there are many other places for you to discover, each hosting an even larger supply of treasures. You can either get there by blowing extra big bubbles that can carry you that high or unlocking these areas after you increase your score. In that case, you won’t have to jump anymore to get there. Instead, you’ll be able to use portals that will take you to a level you wish immediately without any effort.

Each location features a vast number of coins, diamonds and other bonuses that will help you buy even more bubble gums of all possible tastes and shapes. You can also invite your friends or compete with other Roblox players. Participate in a rating and try to get on top of the leaderboard! The best thing about this game is that it’s very easy. You don’t have to get used to unfamiliar mechanics and controls or follow the storyline. You can jump in (and jump up!) any time and spend either a few minutes or several hours trying to reach the highest score.

The graphics will please your eye with bright colors and you will definitely like the sound that bubbles make while exploding! It’s like chewing and blowing the real gum, just more fun! Start playing Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator right now and become an expert in blowing bubbles bigger that anything you’ve ever seen!

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