Roblox Tycoon Simulator

Since very old times, humanity has been chewing something. The ancient Greeks cleaned their teeth and breath with the mastic tree resin, Indian yoga gurus mixed aromatic leaves for the same purpose and the Maya did an even simpler (and weirder) thing – they chewed rubber. Is it any wonder we love chewing gums so much today? But since that time, medicine has evolved and the doctors started nagging about the damage gums do to our health. Luckily, there is now a virtual gum you can chew without risking the integrity of your teeth and digestion! Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator will allow you to do that on your smartphone instead!

Launch the game online and blow up a colorful bubble with any flavor to your taste! The bigger your bubble is the more coins it will cost. As you proceed and inflate larger and larger bubbles, you’ll be able to buy gums of new shapes and tastes. There are even those allowing you to blow a few bubbles at the same time! To make things even more captivating, there is a rating of players with the strongest lungs. Compete with the best bubble blowers on Roblox or with your friends and try to blow a bubble that will go down in history!

By the way, here are some facts that prove chewing bubble gums is beneficial for us! Did you know that they actually increase memory? Yes, chewing gums make us grasp and process information better! And if you will be chewing one while playing this simulator for the first time, you will surely figure out how to blow bubbles of a record size very fast! Besides, gums relieve stress and help us to relax which means this game is also a great way to unwind after a hard day. And blowing bubbles lifts up our mood! So whenever you feel tired or stress out, just take a few minutes to play Bubble Gum Simulator on Roblox and it will definitely make you feel better, even if you forgot your pack of real gums at home!

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