Roblox: Jailbreak

Here is another game on Roblox that will definitely attract your attention! If you love adventures and aren’t afraid of danger, choose one of the roles – cop or criminal – and have fun! The events will unfold in the city that means you’ll have no time to get bored. After all, there is always something happening in the busy streets. The cop will be catching the criminals and locking them at the police station while the bandit will try to avoid his grip at all costs and steal as much valuable things as possible along the way. Choosing one of this images isn’t simple and you’ll definitely want to try both. But note that you can’t combine them, so think well what you like more.

If you are a criminal, your job is to rob jewelry stores and save your skin from cops. This is not an easy mission. To get around all the obstacles and traps and constipation, you will have to arm yourself with the best intelligent weapons and show the maximum ingenuity, cunning and logic for passing challenging levels and solving multi-stage tasks. But getting to the treasure is exactly half the way. You also need to get out of the store and run away from the police that never sleeps!

Do you dream of serving in the police? Stick to the laws and keep a close eye so that hooligans don’t violate the public order? Stand up to protect the legality and security of citizens, give a decisive rebuff to malicious criminals, and prove your courage in the harsh confrontation with the most inveterate scoundrels of our time! Select the police officer, patrol the city, be watchful and catch bandits. You can even use your gun, but carefully!

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