Chicken Simulator

Welcome to a new Roblox game where you’ll get to find out what the life of a chicken is! The players will have to develop their own chicken, take care of it, protect it from dangers and grow a full-fledged adult hen or rooster from a cute yellow ball of feathers. Chicken is a very capricious creature, so you have to surround it with care and affection. In addition, your chicken is endowed with human habits, which means you must treat him as an equal, respect his wishes, timely buy new clothes for him, take him to parties, etc.

So, are you ready to become a farmer? Then choose one of the base eggs, and wait for the chick to hatch out of it. Meet the baby, find out its character and basic needs. Provide the chicken with everything it needs so that it gets stronger as soon as possible.Raising the bird, you will have to watch its sleep and nutrition regime otherwise it will weaken and will not be able to grow further.

As the chicken grows, it will have new needs – provide it with everything it requires in a timely manner, but remember that some of the bird’s wishes may lead her to the “inclined walkway” and only you can save it. Buy clothes for the chicken that are appropriate for the season or theme party so that he does not feel like an outcast among other birds. Refine the bird’s house with all the stuff to make the chicken live in comfort. Plant a luxurious garden, get an aquarium with exotic fish, train a chicken to play musical instruments and in other ways contribute to its uniqueness. Besides, there are 32 mini games where you can compete for medals.

When your first bird becomes an adult and leaves its home nest, you an buy new eggs and grow more chickens! Other users are also ready to enter a chicken-growing contest. Play Roblox Chicken Simulator with your friends and see whose bird grows up faster and bigger!

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