Granny in Roblox

Most of the time, old people are sweet and caring. Some of them can be grumpy, but they hardly can hurt you physically. Not in this case, though. Granny is on the hunt again and this time the victim is you. Are you ready to face a mortal trial and try to escape the house of a mad old lady in just five days? If so, let’s start and hope she won’t find you first!

The game will begin with the fact that you wake up in a room in an unknown house. The door is not locked, you can safely go, but is it worth it? Behind the door, Granny is waiting for you, she is wandering around the house with a bat in her hands, and is looking for those to knock out their brains. You should be warned that Grandma hears everything. You just have to touch something from the interior of the furniture and she will run towards you full speed. Pictures are falling from the walls after you barely touch them, and so do the vases on the table. That means you have to move extra carefully watching your every step. Because Granny will be watching, or rather listening out, to your every step too!

The graphics in the game might seem amateur, but this is the whole charm of it. The drawing style perfectly emphasizes all the gloomy atmosphere of this terrible house. The details are worked out weakly, but they are completely useless. The main thing is that Granny looks spectacular. And it is even more creepy on Roblox! Check out how Granny looks as a walking square lump with her terrible zombie mask on! You are sure to freak out when she suddenly creeps up on you swishing her infallible bate!

In general, the game is very cool. When you pass it for the first time, you are most likely to instantly fail. You will have to develop various escape routes until you find the right path to freedom. There are things scattered all over the house that will help you pick the locks and open the doors, but you’ll have to search for them and this search won’t be easy. And if Granny is already up to you, look for a place to hide! She isn’t coming upstairs to bring you a plate of cookies and a glass of warm milk, you know… Good luck!

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